Eleven years ago, when I was 15 years old I, like most teenagers, was a mess of a kid. To an extent that I still don’t feel entirely comfortable describing, I was severely depressed. I had just reluctantly moved from Ohio to California with my family. I was an acne-ridden teenager anxious about starting over.
What ultimately enabled me to reconcile this fear was the comfort of knowing I was completely unknown. No one at this school could ridicule me by recounting any of my embarrassing adolescent experiences. No one knew about my 6th grade science presentation I did for which the duration of I mistakenly said “orgasm” in place of “organism”, laughing along with my classmates, just like Mom taught me, as if I actually knew what was so funny about it.
However, this restoration of confidence was temporary. I could have never anticipated how divided the school was. At lunch, I felt like I was stepping foot into a prison yard. I had to find the group that would take me in, protect me.
Naturally, I gravitated towards the kids with Sonic Youth t-shirts and skateboards. That’s where I met, Coty McClung, an overly energetic, sweet kid that could make even a disparaged Midwestern transplant like me laugh. We made plans to skate after school. He said he’d show me all the spots around town. I was fucking ecstatic.
We met in a parking lot across from school and began skating toward another destination when suddenly, a car full of football players pulled up and began attacking my new friend. Unsure what was happening and incapable of truly helping him (there were 12 of these kids all of which had at least 60 lbs on both of us) I ran into the nearby bank and screamed, “help! my friend is getting jumped!” The kids hopped back in the car and made a run for it. When the cops showed up, we were treated like we were being hostile. They didn’t seem to believe us. We skated off to another parking lot.
In this parking lot was a group of slightly older skaters. They beckoned us over and inquired about Coty’s injuries.  One of these kids was a noticeably tall, Charlie Koliha. He was leaning against a car with a  stereo faintly playing, The Jam’s Sound Affects. A cigarette was dangling out of his mouth, and an old Leica camera hung around his neck.. I thought he was the coolest mother fucker I had ever seen.
I spent the next several months in and out of court, testifying on my friend’s behalf. The ringleader of the tormentors, Joey Shithead (name changed to protect the subject’s identity), was tried and eventually found innocent. Las Lomas school officials testified on his behalf, declaring he was at football practice and could of had nothing to do with it. This made me grow increasingly more disenchanted with the school. I felt like I always had to be on my guard. I became more depressed, my grades started slipping, and I lost interest in skateboarding. I had absolutely no ambitions. I was just stumbling through my life trying to make sense of it all. Coty eventually told me about this test called the “California High School Proficiency Exam.” If we were to pass it and obtain signed permission from a parent or legal guardian, we could be withdrawn from high school. I took the test and passed but, my parent’s didn’t want me to withdraw from high school. A month later, I was passed out on the bleachers during P.E. class as per usual. The instructor approached me and shook me awake. A knife suddenly fell from the inside pocket of my jacket. I was sent to the office and told I could either withdraw or be expelled. My parents signed the form. I was stoked.
As time progressed, I became more integrated into our little group of undesirables. I started hanging out with Charlie a lot, driving around in his Mom’s car listening to  The Smiths, and searching for someone to buy us beer every night. I didn’t know how to play any musical instruments at the time as I had sworn off guitar after two failed attempts at learning .Charlie could play guitar well and began showing me how to fret a few chords. To this day, I still don’t understand why but, I began learning how to play at a rate I could not have imagined. Perhaps, Charlie inherited some incredible teaching technique from his father who was a choir teacher. Over the next several months, I began writing songs, recording them on a little cassette recorder and presenting them to Charlie. He borrowed a bass from a friend and started writing bass lines to these little melancholy pop songs I was writing. We started playing these songs with other friends of ours and found ourselves getting together to play almost daily. Even though we sounded like complete dog shit, it was the most fun and rewarding experience of my life.
Over the course of the next 10 years, Charlie and I would dedicate nearly every waking moment of our lives to this band. Throughout all the life changing highs and the hellish lows, Charlie was right there beside me. We lived together in three different places. At one point, we even shared a room. We were always broke (and continue to be). We suffered through multiple line up changes and questioned whether or not we should continue several times. However, we always felt that as long as both our hearts were in it, we could rifle on as Mister Loveless. Our perseverance seemed to be rewarded. When our high school friends, Stiv and Sam left for college, we recruited Ed Melendez and carried on as a three piece, writing lots of bass driven post punk songs and establishing a presence in San Francisco. When Sean and Rachel joined the band, our sound expanded and became uniquely ours. When Nick joined, we became a band that had the rhythmic power I had always wanted. Lastly, when Dan joined we became the tightest performers we have ever been. His musicianship made us the band we had always aspired to be.
Last night, Charlie let Dan, Nick, and I know he would be leaving the band. He just felt like his heart wasn’t in it anymore. I completely understand and respect his decision. We’re still best friends.
I can’t do Mister Loveless without Charlie.
 However, I would be lying if I said I hadn’t begun to feel as though I had outgrown Mister Loveless as well. This band has become like an old jacket. I love it but, it just doesn’t fit right anymore. I have begun to feel creatively boxed in. But, because so much of my identity has been wrapped up in Mister Loveless, I was apprehensive about putting it to rest. Mister Loveless has been the only consistent thing in my life. It’s all I know. .

We will play our last show on Friday, September 27th at Neck of the Woods in San Francisco. Thank you to everyone who ever believed in our band.

So, here I am again, after all these years feeling like that 15 year old kid anxious about starting over.

- Rob I. Miller 9/19/13

2003: Sam, Stiv, Charlie, and Rob.

 photo misterlovebench_zpsaf247b49.jpg

2004: Rob, Charlie, and Ed.

 photo 313_34992781498_4483_n_zps84693cb7.jpg

2007: Charlie, Sean, Rachel, and Rob.

 photo Loveless_07_zps9897b24f.jpg

2010: Rob, Charlie, Nick, and Sean.

 photo 331388_10150342625803609_2010884117_o_zps63032066.jpg

2013: Dan, Rob, Charlie, and Nick.

 photo ML_byANNA_3910_zpsabe5a437.jpg

Rehearsal Space (AKA my Mom & Dad’s Garage):

 photo bob1_zpse756d49c.jpg

 photo neopan025.jpg

Nick and I. Milk Bar in San Francisco.

 photo 209567_10150177658209020_892879_o_zps0c6d20a9.jpg

Two cool guys I know:

 photo yashicaD006.jpg

With producer extraordinaire, Duane M. Ramos.

 photo 473697_4475815619153_31250000_o_zps75323f1a.jpg

Gnarly Jock Assholes:

 photo 24bit006copy.jpg

Young Chuck:

 photo bloodyknuckles.jpg

Portland, OR.

 photo 1209106_691636870863882_533012683_n_zps98c3bce1.jpg

One of Sean’s delicious mistakes.

 photo pancakedream.jpg


 photo 323280_2590556768860_1898777284_o_zps8a099737.jpg

Green House Party. Anaheim. Best times ever.
 photo 202351_4475887060939_784621820_o_zps3c73fdc7.jpg

Me at lunch. Las Lomas High circa 03.

 photo robatlunch.jpg

Dan joins the party.

 photo 479967_10151613621871228_697854263_n_zps4ba55b61.jpg

Guitar duel. East LA house party.

 photo GuitarDuel_zps383fe1f1.jpg

Opening for the Vaselines at the Independent in San Francisco.

 photo 315588_4849059671484_810480897_n_zpsb470ba3d.jpg

East LA house party.

 photo Lyinround_zps15e77961.jpg

SXSW. Austin, TX.

 photo 599015_10151523269571014_1409802944_n_zpsa24579bd.jpg

Suburban shadows.

 photo ShadowsWC_zps75bf618e.jpg

Some after party in Tucson, AZ. Love those Holy Rolling Empire guys.

 photo 36717_1452109176669_4956112_n_zpsb10aac97.jpg

Just another show at the Uptown in Oakland.

 photo BWCrowd_zps3b420251.jpg

My favorite drummer.

 photo Nick_zps10e84df1.jpg

We need more parties in the USA.

 photo 286062_2368315172959_2618677_o_zpse0d3ba99.jpg

What I like to do.

 photo 416136_4475841059789_1913766527_o_zps7219aa53.jpg

Where Eagles Dare.

 photo EAGLEWOLF_MisterLoveless4-4-2013-50_zps20f09e25.jpg

Gods amongst men.

 photo 291430_4475756337671_292137437_o_zpsb7bcedca.jpg

Jam Brothers. Walnut Creek.

 photo 316219_10150505729934698_1403625351_n_zpsd10dc15a.jpg


 photo STACYSET_MisterLoveless4-4-2013-12_zps3fbbc848.jpg

Surprisingly, still my favorite drummer.

 photo IMG_6826_zps38019fee.jpg

Vandalism dreams.

 photo 531748_10151008789214020_1004881275_n_zpsc6337d0d.jpg


 photo 210218_10150177653459020_6177659_o_zpscd227a38.jpg

One of our favorite people ever, Ranna.

 photo 548355_10151008870069020_907429624_n_zps3250e492.jpg

Nick and Sean on stage w/ The Vaselines.

 photo Loveless_Vaselines2_zps795007ad.jpg


 photo NICK_MisterLoveless4-4-2013-15_zpsb1dcfef0.jpg

Road life.

 photo 528065_10151008795824020_1137471456_n_zps7f4506a4.jpg


 photo 312030_289397554434092_1840367497_n_zpsd4eae0a5.jpg

Tour “van.”

 photo 391248_10151008870429020_651914585_n_zps580595bf.jpg


 photo Charlie_MLO3_1_2012-54_zps418ff448.jpg

Backstage w/ the Vaselines + Bob & Stevie from Belle & Sebastian.

 photo Loveless_Vaselines_zps2e4c17e9.jpg

Love is real.

 photo 307171_2590557368875_1349846650_n_zps72deacef.jpg

Told by the world, we didn’t fit in. We told the world, we never wanted to.

 photo 413850_10150561847939020_1469036104_o_zps445ad476.jpg

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  • Mister Loveless lives.

  • Love you guys, good luck going forward. Holy Rolling Empire made the gallery! We had some amazing times with you guys, thanks for all the hospitality, we need to get some more murder burger soon.

  • Internal tears are streaming :-) thanks for the ride guys.

  • Well written, Thank you for all the GREAT music, we’ll miss you & looking forward to your reincarnations….. WAIT!, if i’ve learned anything from 80′s movies its that a big record exec will swing in at the Neck of the Woods show & give you a big, lucrative contract!!!!

  • Never got to see you all much out of High School, but I was at EMP that day with Coty. Good luck guys!

  • Although I will never be able to hear your great music, I’m happy I was able to know you back here in Ohio. Long live Dillons, Wavy banks, Sneakers Gap, etc.

  • it’s an end of an era. Doesn’t mean the party has to stop. See you boys soon..

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